Monday, September 21, 2009

Be part of the Global Cricket Community

Do you have a desire to have your say about anything related to cricket? Do you think a particular player is unsporting? Do you think that a particular debutant is particularly talented? Do you think Sunil Gavaskar is correct in calling certain umpires partisan in the way that they mete out fines to Asian and non Asian players or do you think he is being paranoid? You can discuss these and a myriad other topics cricket related when you are part of a cricket community or a cricket social network.

If you are a cricket lover, you are in a sense, already part of a cricket community in a country that lives and breathes the game of cricket. While your loyalties may be simply defined in terms of the Indian team when you talk about international cricket, where the premier league is concerned, your loyalties to a cricket community may be less obvious and based more on individual players rather than their nationalities. Your cricket social network and networking may then be defined in terms of individual players, national teams, or any other preference, which transcends all this and encapsulates only the spirit of cricket.

Sometimes you can have the benefit of having a former cricketer or a particularly knowledgeable person being part of your cricket social network. Such a person can offer particularly interesting insights into the game or even offer personal knowledge of anecdotes or actual occurrences when he or she is part of a social network or forum relating to cricket.

What can make a cricket social network a particularly interesting place to hang out is if there has been a controversy or debate about some cricket related occurrence. As the media agitates and discusses the event, so can you offer up your own personal take on the controversy in your own cricket community or forum, your own unique opinion and perhaps your own ideas about what would bring about the best resolution to the ongoing problem. Perhaps in your opinion, a player behaved badly or unsportingly on or off the field which you have an urge to criticize or discuss among likeminded people, in which case your online cricket social network would be the ideal place for you to air your grievance. Was the player fined for no reason; in other words was he treated unfairly by the match referee, or was another player let off lightly for similar behaviour? Do you subscribe to Sunil Gavaskar’s view that Asian players are treated unfairly by certain umpires or do you disagree with him and think that he is being paranoid?

You can be part of any kind of cricket related discussion under the sky! Air your views, lambast a bad sport or support a great player; all this is possible when you are part of a cricket community, and by way of your cricket social networking.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting the Latest Cricket News on Your Mouse Tip

Neither religion, nor politics; neither language, nor culture---if there is anything that can bind all the Indians in a single string that is cricket. So be a true Indian—stay updated on the cricket breaking news from all around the world. A good cricket portal can be your ideal vehicle for taking a tour through the corridors of world cricket news.

If you eat, speak and dream cricket, then you can not possibly do without stuffing yourself with latest cricket news from all around the world. Here is good news for all die hard cricket fans---online cricket is here to satisfy your appetite of cricket news of all sorts. Hundreds of cricket portal out in the web serve you the hottest and spiciest of the world cricket news, latest cricket test news, ICL news and many more.

Want to stun your friend with your cricket fundas or impress your girl friend by speaking like a cricket pro? These cricket sites can be your source for unlimited cricket. Involving rising stars of international cricket or the veterans, test matches or the Twenty-20---they serve you the cricket breaking news handpicked from all corners of the world. They are different from print media because we do not only serve you the latest cricket news; we offer the poignant analyses, inside stories and stories behind the stories.

In the sub continent, cricket is not just a game---it has become a way of life. Here cricket tournaments are no less than carnival, cricket personalities are no less than Gods. We respect the sentiment of cricket lovers and that is what inspires us to offer you the crispiest online cricket news and round the clock live cricket news. We talk about the serious cricket, but we also help our readers laugh a lot with the funny sides of cricket. So we make a point to serve all round cricket news including gossips, rumors and jokes that fly in the airs.

Cricket websites are committed to the needs of cricketing fraternity and so they take great care to bring you the cricket news in the most palatable way. Be it the cricket ICC news or BCCI latest cricket news---they serve the news along with most thought provoking analysis. They bring you the live cricket news so that you can always strike back with the latest crick-information.

Visit your favorite sites regularly for the crispiest stories, sharpest analysis and the up-to-the-minute cricket breaking news; you are sure to become the most-in-demand among your cricket-starved friends.

Gavaskar Criticized ICC Match Referees

After 2nd test match between India and Australia in Mohali, former Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar had criticized ICC match referees. The issue was the punishment given to Zaheer Khan by match referee Chris Broad for miss -behaving with Australian opener Mathew Hayden. Broad had punished 80 % of his match fees to Zaheer. Sunil Gavaskar added that ICC match referees always punished Asian cricketers while other cricketers like the Australians or the Englishmen or the New Zealanders or the South Africans have never punished. He added that the ICC match referees have always been harsh on Asian cricketers and soft for others.

After 2nd test match between India and Australia in Mohali, former Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar had criticized ICC match referees. The issue was the punishment given to Zaheer Khan by match referee Chris Broad for miss -behaving with Australian opener Mathew Hayden. The match referee Chris Broad stated the reason of punishment that Zaheer had said some wrong words to Mathew Hayden after dismissing him during the 2nd test match at Mohali. Gavaskar told that Broad should at least enquire in detail about what had actually happened between Zaheer and Hayden. Gavaskar added that the Asian cricketers always treated badly by ICC match referees.

Gavaskar added that whenever there is any controversy between the cricketers of Australia and cricketers from the sub continent, the ICC match referees always favored Australian cricketers. He mentioned that there are many incidents between recent Australia- India series in Australia when you could clearly see that the Australian cricketers had insulted the Indian cricketers. But at that time the ICC match referee hadn’t find anything suspicious in the behavior of the Australians! During India- Australia series there are always some controversies happened and in every case, the Indian cricketers had been punished severely by ICC match referees and any Australian cricketer had never been punished for his miss behavior.

Gavaskar stated the recent series incident. In the 2nd test at Mohali the Australians were appealing for Virender Sehwag in the second innings. The umpire had denied the appeal. But Australian skipper Ricky Ponting rushed through to the umpire from Extra Cover to create pressure on umpire. Now Gavaskar had asked that what Chris Broad was doing at that time. Gavaskar added that if an Indian skipper behaved the behavior, which Rickey Ponting had showed, then the match referee would consider it to be very serious matter and would take serious steps against him!

It is noticeable that the relations between Sunil Gavaskar and the ICC are not very good recently. Gavaskar had criticized an ICC match referee Mike Proctor during the Sydney test and mentioned it in his column. The ICC had opposed it and forced Gavaskar to choose between the chairmanship of the ICC cricket committee and his columnist job. After that Gavaskar had resigned from the ICC chairmanship.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Variable Sources to Access Cricket News

In sports, cricket is one of the top ranked games. It has huge fan groups across the globe and the fans look around for more information from several sources. They search for Latest Cricket News, World cricket news, ICC News, ICL news, Cricket Breaking News and what not. It is not only the television which provides them the news, but other mediums are much strong in this race. Internet is undisputed leaders in it, which connects fans from various countries. Fans can access to the latest happenings as well as the history of cricket from internet.

Across the globe, Cricket is having a huge fan group irrespective of culture, language, age, religion etc. “Thanks to Media” - Media had done the magic to make it popular; Continuous Cricket news and information flow in various mediums. Cricket had also in-turn changed itself from a seasonal game to a round the year event. Now we can listen to Latest Cricket News every day, with some or the other team playing somewhere.

Fans are seeking information on Latest Test Cricket News, World cricket news etc. The news industry is flooded with happenings & events in cricket world; let it be World cup match, test match, India v/s Pakistan match, news on success chain broken for Australian cricket, new teams joining cricket like Bangladesh, Holland, UAE, etc. News channel broadcast the Cricket Breaking News as they know that it will increase their TRP.

The importance of cricket news has increased with increasing matches and events in cricket. The boost is also supported by the contests being played during the matches and after the matches. In the Latest Cricket News a new flavour to the game; his new concept of Twenty- Twenty matches. T-20 has been a successful concept in the world of cricket. Cricket lovers enjoyed the every bit of it. Team India became the Winner in the first series.

Yuvraj Singh, Indian player, made record with 6 sixes in an over against England. This event blazed the Cricket Breaking News section. ICC Cricket news is most sought after on the online medium. The site provides all the Latest Cricket News.

IPL, ICL, World cup, Test matches etc and other concepts in pipeline, more numbers of games being played every year, new players adding to the game, moments happening on the field etc. With so much in the game, fans just cannot be satisfied with the score cards and winner announcement, they need more Cricket News.

Online Cricket News had helped the information seekers to get Live Cricket News, Cricket Breaking news, on the finger tip. Fans have started blogs on the game, started forums, current events, etc. IPL had sent raves into the cricket game. Mr Modi of BCCI had given a new idea to attract vivid talent to one team, and fans can enjoy the best cricket actions.