Monday, September 21, 2009

Be part of the Global Cricket Community

Do you have a desire to have your say about anything related to cricket? Do you think a particular player is unsporting? Do you think that a particular debutant is particularly talented? Do you think Sunil Gavaskar is correct in calling certain umpires partisan in the way that they mete out fines to Asian and non Asian players or do you think he is being paranoid? You can discuss these and a myriad other topics cricket related when you are part of a cricket community or a cricket social network.

If you are a cricket lover, you are in a sense, already part of a cricket community in a country that lives and breathes the game of cricket. While your loyalties may be simply defined in terms of the Indian team when you talk about international cricket, where the premier league is concerned, your loyalties to a cricket community may be less obvious and based more on individual players rather than their nationalities. Your cricket social network and networking may then be defined in terms of individual players, national teams, or any other preference, which transcends all this and encapsulates only the spirit of cricket.

Sometimes you can have the benefit of having a former cricketer or a particularly knowledgeable person being part of your cricket social network. Such a person can offer particularly interesting insights into the game or even offer personal knowledge of anecdotes or actual occurrences when he or she is part of a social network or forum relating to cricket.

What can make a cricket social network a particularly interesting place to hang out is if there has been a controversy or debate about some cricket related occurrence. As the media agitates and discusses the event, so can you offer up your own personal take on the controversy in your own cricket community or forum, your own unique opinion and perhaps your own ideas about what would bring about the best resolution to the ongoing problem. Perhaps in your opinion, a player behaved badly or unsportingly on or off the field which you have an urge to criticize or discuss among likeminded people, in which case your online cricket social network would be the ideal place for you to air your grievance. Was the player fined for no reason; in other words was he treated unfairly by the match referee, or was another player let off lightly for similar behaviour? Do you subscribe to Sunil Gavaskar’s view that Asian players are treated unfairly by certain umpires or do you disagree with him and think that he is being paranoid?

You can be part of any kind of cricket related discussion under the sky! Air your views, lambast a bad sport or support a great player; all this is possible when you are part of a cricket community, and by way of your cricket social networking.

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